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Sitter Service with Thrive In Place

When a loved one is in the hospital or recovering from surgery or illness in a rehabilitation facility or nursing home, you want to be by their side every minute of the day. However, for most people, it’s just not possible be there for a loved one 24/7. With Thrive In Place's facility sitter services, however, you can rest assured that someone is there to help and advocate for your loved one when you can’t.


Like calling on a dear friend or family member for help, our professional caregivers provide the additional resources your family needs, day or night, so that you have peace of mind knowing that a caring, watchful eye is looking after your loved one.

Our facility sitter services can be provided in:


Rehabilitation facilities

Nursing homes

Or wherever your loved one is recovering
Some benefits of our facility sitter services include:

*A calming, helpful companion for your loved one

*Peace of mind for family members

*A smoother transition into home care services upon discharge

Contact Thrive In Place today to learn more or schedule a free in-home care assessment!

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